How We Harness The Sun To Power Your Home


There is no energy without the sun. So as the sunlight hits the Capture Solar panels on your roof, they convert the light energy to DC instantly and direct it to an inverter.


The expertly installed inverter converts DC energy to AC which can now power your home.


This converted electricity now energizes your entire electrical system to power your home and anything connected to it.


Most utility companies will credit you for any electricity that your solar panel system produces. This means you can transfer excess electricity that you don’t use or store back into the grid and get paid for it!

Steps of Going Solar

  • 1Solar Proposal
  • 2Contract Signed
  • 3Site Survey
  • 4Permitting
  • 5Installation
  • 6Interconnection

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How much will it cost me to install solar?

A Getting the system approved and installed will not cost you anything out of pocket. The system will replace your current electricity bill.

Q How long will installation take?

A The entire process from proposal to install will generally take 5-7 weeks. The installation itself will only take anywhere from a few hours to a day.

Q How long will the system last?

A Our panels come with a 25-year production warranty and are engineered to last 50+ years with minimal maintenance.

Q Will going solar affect my insurance?

A Solar panel insurance coverage is included in most homeowners insurance policies, which means no separate solar panel insurance is needed.

Q Am I eligible for tax credits and rebates with a solar zero-down program?

A Yes, because you own the panels you take advantage of any incentives and the savings are passed to you.

Q What happens if it’s cloudy?

A Capture uses top-tier black on black mono-crystalline panels that produce energy even on the cloudiest days.

Q Will I still have to pay my utility provider for electricity?

A You will only need to pay your utility provider if your consumption exceeds the solar production. When your system overproduces, you will get a negative bill reflecting credits your provider owes you.

Q What happens if I move?

A The system is completely transferable to the new homeowner. If the system is already paid off, you have the option to move the panels to your new home.

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