Spread Clean Energy while Making Some Money

Whether or not you install solar panels, you have a chance to make extra cash while advocating for solar energy. If you help spread the benefits of solar, you could earn rewards through the Capture Ambassador Program. When you refer friends, family, colleagues, or anyone seeking to switch to solar, you may earn these incentives:

1st Referral


2nd Referral


3rd Referral


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Over $5000 Sent Out Monthly

Yes that is correct. We send out over 100 checks daily to Capture Solar customers who help make sure that more and more of their community is making the change to solar. We’d like to start sending out more checks and more money. We mean it! So if you’d like to start seeing some extra income come in every month, a simple chat with a friend could make you some extra money.

Fill out the required information below, and soon you and those you refer will be on the way to taking advantage of our solar company referral program.

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