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Why use Solar Pergolas?

Many homeowners want to reap the benefits of going solar for their home but are restricted for a number of reasons from installing a complete solar energy system on their home. Some reasons include:

  • Not enough roof space for the solar panels
  • Have an older roof
  • Have a non-southern facing roof
  • Have a barrel tile roof
  • Would like another option besides the roof
  • Or they think it’s just too ugly

Enjoy A Relaxing Outdoor Experience With A Solar Pergola

You may even want to create a unique, relaxing entertainment area in your yard, thanks to the shade and space provided by your custom-built solar pergola. Typically, a custom pergola is about 25 feet by 10 feet, but at Capture Solar, we can design even larger custom pergolas. It all depends on the available space on your site and the type of energy absorption you’re looking for. If you want to cut ties with your utility company completely, we can help create a power bill-eliminating system just for you.

Benefits of a flat solar pergola.

If you want to shade your back porch and collect solar energy,
a flat solar pergola roof is the perfect option for you.

Efficient Solar Energy Collection

Our flat roof pergola system is one of the most efficient power producers that we have, and we can even add a slight pitch to your solar pergola to add more solar energy collection power.

Cost-Effectiveness & Functionality

Utilizing a solar panel pergola comes with many benefits, including tax deductions and providing a shaded area perfect for entertaining friends and family.

Save More With Our Solar Pergola

A solar pergola is essentially a custom racking system that you can use for tax purposes, and because it’s part of your home, you can leverage your tax credit more effectively. You’re getting up to 26% back on your taxes to build your dream outdoor entertaining space.

Quick and easy installation from the experts at Capture Solar.

We handle all the permitting, design, and installation, and for most customers, we are able to have their pergola system installed within three weeks from the time they sign the contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What Is A Solar Pergola?

A A pergola is an outdoor structure that provides gardens with shaded areas, sitting areas, or walkways.

Q Am I able to put solar panels on my existing pergola?

A Yes! We’re able to add a solar panel system to your existing pergola, and they’ll even add extra shade for your outdoor entertainment areas. You can even install solar pergolas on other outdoor structures like canopies, carports, or sheds. So whether you want to expand your current solar system or avoid adding panels to your roof, the solar pergola professionals at Capture Solar can help you create a customized solar panel system for your home.

Q What are solar pergolas, and why are they so popular these days?

A Solar pergolas are a really good solution for homeowners that understand the benefits of solar and decided they want a system, but are limited by one or more of the following factors:

  • Not enough roof space for the solar panels
  • Have an older roof
  • Have a non-southern facing roof
  • Have a barrel tile roof
  • Would like another option besides the roof

The majority of homeowners that install a solar pergola are purely looking for an amazing unique entertaining area.

Q Can I put solar panels on my existing pergola?

A Yes! Solar panels can be added to existing pergolas. Solar panels provide grade shade for outdoor areas and can fit on outdoor structures including carports, canopies, and pergolas. If you are looking to expand your current system or want to avoid panels on your roof, adding them to your pergola is a great way to still reap the benefits of solar.

Q Is a pergola eligible for energy tax credit?

A Yes, A solar pergola is essentially just a custom racking system for tax purposes but it has the benefits of providing a sheltered entertaining area so it’s a great way to leverage the tax credit. In short, Uncle Sam will pay 26% percent of the cost of your outdoor entertaining space.

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