Easy financing for your solar dreams.


At Capture Solar, we simplify the way you get the financing you need for your solar energy dreams. Our financing team works with you to create a custom-tailored Zero Down program to fit your needs and budget that ensures you have 100% of your project covered, with no credit check required.

Apply for Tax Credits

We make applying for your tax credits and solar incentives easy. Once you receive your federal tax credit and any other solar incentives that can cover up to 65% of your costs, you can log in and apply them directly to your loan or use them to upgrade other areas of your home.

Pay off early and save!

Our industry-leading and easy-to-navigate solar program provides you with the customized and comprehensive financing you need without all the red tape and restrictions that come with other solar companies. We help you maximize your savings to help you pay off your solar loan quickly so you can start enjoying your free energy sooner!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How much do I need for a down payment?

A At Capture Solar, we transition you to solar without any money down, no hard credit checks, no liens, just green, clean energy. With our Zero Down program, once you qualify, you’ll be able to enjoy your solar energy system for 60 days without even starting to pay for the installation. We even help you apply for all the tax credits and incentives available when you switch to solar energy.

Q Will I pay more for my electricity with solar?

A While the upfront costs of solar can be costly, our preferred programs takes the costly upfront investment off the table and ensure solar is more affordable and accessible than ever before. There are many incentives and tax credits available that can cover up to 65% of your solar system’s installation costs.

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