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Keep your home powered with professional battery storage installation.

The battery storage specialists at Capture Solar ensure your home keeps running even when the grid goes down. We’re expert and certified installers for both Tesla Powerwall and Enphase storage solutions, and we have the knowledge to guide you through designing your custom-built backup system so you can have peace of mind knowing your home will never lose power.

How We Harness The Sun To Power Your Home


There is no energy without the sun. So as the sunlight hits the Capture Solar panels on your roof, they convert the light energy to DC instantly and direct it to an inverter.


The expertly installed inverter converts DC energy to AC which can now power your home.


This converted electricity now energizes your entire electrical system to power your home and anything connected to it.


Most utility companies will credit you for any electricity that your solar panel system produces. This means you can transfer excess electricity that you don’t use or store back into the grid and get paid for it!

We Offer customized solutions
for all your storage needs.

Whole Home Backup

Our storage experts work closely with you to design a backup power system that can handle all of your energy needs when the grid goes down. This means you’ll never know the power is actually out until you look outside with our seamless power backup system designs.

Critical Load Backup

Our critical load backup design and systems help you understand the essentials you want to keep running even when the power goes out. This means you can save money and keep your lights out no matter what happens outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Are there safety risks I should know about?

A We put the safety of you and your family first at all times for all of our solar products and services. So while battery malfunctions and overheating issues happen, they’re incredibly rare. And when you trust your battery storage to the professionals at Capture Solar, we design optimal safe placement for your backup that takes into account temperate, airflow, and load on your entire system. And we only use the industry’s best manufacturers for all the storage equipment we install.

Q Is a battery or generator better?

A There are advantages to both of them. They both create a seamless switch that you never even realize occurs with solar battery or generator backup. There’s also no small use of fossil fuels or noise.

Q Why should I use a battery backup for my solar?

A You never know when the power will go out, and with a solar battery backup, you never have to worry about it again. Battery backups on your solar energy system allow you to keep your home running seamlessly no matter what’s happening outside your windows. With a battery backup attached to your Capture Solar energy system, you’ll be able to keep your panels running and capturing the power of the sun even if your entire neighborhood has no power.

Q Can I truly go "Off-Grid"?

A While battery-based solar energy systems are possible, they are typically a bit more cost-intensive. Using the electrical grid as the battery, and remaining gri-tied during times of little sun provides a very efficient, always reliable way of generating and using power.

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